We just released the fruits of sprint 57 to production. This includes:

  • Footprint: We have introduced separate calculations for biogenic emissions. This means that if you utilize a biogenic energy source, it is now accounted for three times: 1. As biogenic, outside the normal footprint. 2. As part of Well-to-tank (scope 3.3). 3. As residual emissions in scope 1 and 2.
  • Menu: To enhance clarity, we have reorganized the menu structure by relocating Roadmap and Insights inside Reduction. This adjustment provides a more logical separation of modules, particularly for customers utilizing both features.
  • Multi-mandate: We have enabled companies to create their own companies or organizational units within their hierarchy. In addition, we offer the option to isolate child companies completely, providing multi-mandate capabilities. This feature is particularly beneficial for consultancies seeking to manage their clients effectively.
  • UI: We now display tons of CO2e with only two decimal digits instead of three, improving readability and making it easier for users to distinguish between decimals and thousand separators.
  • Bug Fix: When replacing a document, the upload date is now correctly updated, ensuring accurate document management.
  • Bug Fix: We have resolved an issue where clicking on an Action within Action Management while visiting a child company would redirect to the Dashboard instead of opening the Action. This issue has been fixed.

We just deployed the results of sprint 56 to production. This includes:

  • Footprint: We have expanded our unit support beyond kilowatt-hours (kWh) to include various options such as liters or cubic meters. Following the CDP guidelines, we convert volume to mass, then mass to energy, and finally, energy to emissions. This conversion path is now visualized in the activity table. The supported units include kWh, kg, l, MWh, GWh, Wh, kJ, MJ, GJ, TJ, toe, tce, kcal, Mcal, Btu, kBtu, NBtu, g, t, lt, st, lb, m3, ml, ft3, galUK, galUS, and bbl.
  • Footprint: In the footprint results view, we have eliminated the location-based column from scopes where it is not applicable, such as in scope 3, ensuring a more streamlined and relevant presentation.
  • Footprint: Users can now be assigned to an Excel template, with notifications sent via email. This feature facilitates a structured data collection workflow on the platform.
  • Footprint: A bug causing the filter in the Activity log to display incorrect values has been fixed, ensuring accurate and reliable filtering.
  • Holding: The company chooser now displays subsidiaries indented, providing a clearer visualization of the hierarchical tree structure between organizational units.

  • Footprint: We have introduced support for scope 3.3 emissions, which means that all energy-related emissions are now doubly accounted for—once for their initial scope and once for well-to-tank in 3.3. Additionally, we have enriched our emission factor database with corresponding factors.
  • Footprint: Users can now view emissions of energy in kilowatt-hours (kWh), providing a more detailed and informative perspective on energy-related environmental impact.
  • Footprint: Holders now have the capability to showcase the aggregated footprint of both the holding itself and all its subsidiaries, offering a comprehensive overview of environmental impact.
  • Footprint: We have incorporated the ability to directly replace an Excel file during the upload session, streamlining the data collection process for enhanced efficiency.
  • Bug Fix: We have rectified a minor UI glitch where location titles were not truncated, potentially causing overlap with other UI elements.

We are pleased to announce the release of Sprint 54 to production, recognizing that this increment is more modest, given the festive Christmas season.

  • Holding: In the Company Chooser, you will now find all descendant subsidiaries, not just direct children, enhancing visibility. Additionally, we’ve optimized the screen size to better align with the surrounding header.
  • Footprint: To improve user experience, we’ve separated result presentation from data entry within the Footprint feature. Furthermore, we’ve introduced the capability to filter for descendant companies, providing users with more refined insights.
  • Team: As part of user-friendly adjustments, we have designated the admin role as the default for new users. Additionally, we’ve included tooltips to provide concise descriptions for each role, ensuring clarity and ease of use.

We are delighted to announce the release of Sprint 53 to production, with a primary focus on enhancing our Footprint module.

  • Footprint: In this update, we’ve introduced an Activity table within our footprint module, showcasing all booked activities along with their automatically matched emission factors.
  • Footprint: To enhance user experience, we’ve separated data entry from result presentation. Additionally, we’ve implemented a horizontal bar chart that facilitates a detailed drill-down analysis of emissions across three levels: 1) scopes, 2) subscopes, and 3) activities.
  • Menu: Our menu is now sticky and ever-present, providing continuous accessibility. This change is accompanied by an optimization of screen space to minimize usage and maximize efficiency.
  • Insights: In response to user needs, we’ve improved the width of specific columns in Insights to better accommodate their values.

Celebrate our latest software update of sprint 53 on production as we unveil a cutting-edge footprint module, a revamped menu for enhanced accessibility, improved VALERI calculator data entry, optimized screen space in Insights, and bug fixes that add to the festive joy of seamless user experience!

  • Footprint: We did the first steps on our footprint module that allows companies to calculate their corporate carbon footprint (CCF) inside the platform. So far the feature has to be enabled by us on customer request. This firs iteration mainly focuses on Scope 1 and 2 but also allows entering pre-processed data for other scopes. For that purpose, customers can upload three different Excel templates (Energy, Refrigerants, Generic). The Excel files are then processed and the CCF if immediately shown. Emission factors are automatically matched. These come from different public available emission factor sets. The final CCF if rendered in a table.
  • Menu: We started to re-work our menu by first putting all submenus into the main menu. This has the advantage to show at first sight what options are available. We also simplified the settings by moving the password and language select into the My Account page. This also allowed us to remove the footer from our application.
  • VALERI: We improved the data entry for the VALERI calculator in two ways. First we made Capex and Opex always negative immediately at the input field and also converted all entries in the database. This gives a consistent experience for all costs. Second we removed the delay and the lost of keybord input focus after a value was entered. This allows for much quicker data entry, especially when using tab to move between controls.
  • Insights: We optimized the screenspace of the insights view by mainly reducing the margins everywhere. This allows to show show more information on screen, around 50% vertical and 25% horizontal.
  • Bug-fix: We fixed two places where a tooltip could be shown in front of select dropdown and made it impossible to click a entry.
  • Bug-fix: We fixed a bug that prevented admins from a holding with write access to a subsidiary to delete actions in a subsidiary.

:rotating_light: Whoop! Whoop! Release alert! We’ve just deployed Sprint 51 to production! We listened to our users and brought the following into existence:

  • Assessment: We have eliminated the save button from the Assessment Carbon Footprint section, opting to save entered values directly. This adjustment aligns this aspect with the consistent behavior found elsewhere in the software.
  • Insights: The Tags column is now sortable, enhancing the flexibility and usability of the Insights feature.
  • Settings: We have simplified the settings interface and removed unused settings for a more streamlined and intuitive user experience.
  • VALERI: Savings are now, by default, supported in EUR, providing a more standardized and user-friendly experience.
  • Bug Fix: We have resolved an issue that prevented the saving of insights columns, ensuring that column preferences are now accurately preserved.
  • Bug Fix: We have addressed an issue that caused calculation data with entered zeros not to appear in the CO2e calculator. This fix ensures that all relevant data is properly reflected in the calculator for accurate calculations.

We just deployed sprint 50 to production. This time it’s a bit less than usual as we had to fight some technical issues and some holidays. Nevertheless a small step in the right direction:

  • Insights: We have introduced new columns for Country and Net Present Value (NPV) within the Insights feature. In addition, we have standardized the column headers, utilizing abbreviations when available to conserve screen space while maintaining clarity and consistency.
  • Technical: We have laid the groundwork for the addition of new modules to the Climate Control Center (CCC). To facilitate this, we have introduced the concept of “features” that allows us to selectively enable or disable specific functionality for different CCCs. While these changes may not be immediately visible, they represent a preparatory step for forthcoming features and enhancements in the system.

  • Documents: We have introduced the capability to upload documents to actions, allowing you to attach various files such as invoices, pictures of installed measures, and documents in formats like Office files (Excel, PowerPoint), images, and PDFs. These documents are securely stored in our datacenter in Frankfurt and can only be accessed via a short-lived link generated through our platform. This ensures that even if someone has the link, they won’t be able to download the file, guaranteeing the security of your documents. Additionally, we have implemented a 30-day grace period for disaster recovery, meaning we can restore files within this timeframe, even if they have been accidentally deleted.
  • Account: We have added a “My Account” bubble located in the top right corner of the screen. This menu provides quick access to your settings and now includes a sign-out button for added convenience.
  • Action: We have streamlined the design of subtasks to reduce visual clutter, resulting in a cleaner and more user-friendly appearance.
  • Calculators: We have implemented a back button when visiting the settings from the CO2e or VALERI calculators. This makes navigation between settings and calculators more intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Calculation Data: We have enhanced the precision of certain currency fields that serve as exchange rates, ensuring that these fields now display up to three decimal places, providing more accurate and detailed information.

We are delighted to unveil the fruits of our unwavering teamwork and dedication in Sprint 48, as we usher in a breathtaking new era in production. This remarkable achievement encompasses:

  • Action: We have completely redesigned the action detail page. As part of this update, we have removed the dedicated edit mode. Now, all properties can be edited directly in place. Additionally, you can set the action’s state without the need to click on specific transitions. These changes represent a significant usability improvement when working with actions.
  • Action: We have enhanced the action duplication process. Now, when you duplicate an action, it also duplicates tags, CO2e calculations, and VALERI calculations, ensuring a more comprehensive replication of the action.
  • Dashboard: We have introduced a year chooser in the on-track table, allowing you to assess progress in different years. This feature provides greater flexibility in tracking and comparing data across different timeframes.
  • UI: We have added a home button to the page header. This addition simplifies navigation, particularly since the introduction of the company chooser. It now takes just one click to return to the home screen, streamlining the user experience.
  • VALERI: We have reordered the VALERI calculator output fields to match the same order as the budgeting fields on the action detail page. This adjustment ensures consistency and coherence in data presentation.
  • Database: We have removed the “why” field from all actions as it was essentially a duplicated, shorter version of the description. This change eliminates redundancy in data entry.
  • Bug Fix: We have fixed an issue that caused the roadmap toggles “My actions” and “Quickwins” to not reset the view when switching back. This correction ensures that the view resets as expected when switching between different options.