Double materiality analysis as the basis for your CSRD report

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5 steps to the materiality matrix

Efficient process to perform the inside-out and outside-in assessment!

1. Stakeholder analysis

2. Analyze the value chain

3. Internal and external assessment
(incl. IRO table)

4. Double materiality matrix

5. Gap

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Targeted ESG and sustainability strategy: Move your company strategically in the right direction!

  • Interview guides for stakeholder analysis
  • Supply chain assessment according to international standards
  • ESRS-compliant and clean documentation
  • Personal support
  • Centralized project management (including assignment of tasks, automatic reminders)
  • Materiality matrix according to double materiality

Recognize opportunities and implement them!

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So that you can
take care of the important issues.

A high-quality materiality matrix is just the first step. Use our software to implement ESRS E1 Climate Change immediately. More topics to follow!

Identification of key issues from a supply chain and stakeholder perspective for long-term success.

Efficient use of resources by focusing on key issues.

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Identify and prioritize quick wins. This enables proactive risk management.

What could you achieve?

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