Be the change you want to see in the world

– Mahathma Gandhi

We aim not only to achieve net-zero emissions but see it as the only viable alternative. Reducing CO2 emissions and adopting a sustainable business approach may often seem like an impossible challenge, but even small actions can have a significant impact. Many of these measures are easy to implement and highly effective. This includes saving energy, using green electricity, and increasingly adopting a plant-based diet. We have learned all of this from insightful books, lectures, workshops, studies, and through exchanges with experts, scientists, and others who have committed to preserving our planet for ourselves and future generations.

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Global Changer arbeitet an den Sustainable Development Goals 12 und 13.

Our sustainability goal

We believe that each and everyone of us is a Global Changer. We give our best to support everyone to advocate climate protection and act worldwide.

We align our work with Sustainable Development Goals 12 and 13: “Responsible consumption and production” and “Climate Action”. Based on economic data – this is what drives us daily.

Reducing CO2e

For us as a start up in the sustainability sector it is especially important to keep our emissions as low as possible.

Our highest CO2e emissions result from our digital products and our work online. That is why we selected a green energy provider and regularly offset our emissions.

Nur durch reduzieren von CO2 können wir unsere Klimaziele erreichen.
Mit grünem Hosting achtet Global Changer auch bei Daten und digitalen Anwendungen auf die Umwelt.

Green hosting

Our hosting provider Plantary Network is a Berlin based company with a TÜV- certified quality management system. All servers are located in Berlin and the provider as well as both data centers (Tempelhof and Spandau) run on green energy and are certified.

Energy with future

Our electricity is green and we installed LED lights in all of our rooms. We use connector strips to make sure to really switch off all lights at night and if someone left a light on anyway, all our lights switch off automatically at night.

Global Changer nutzt 100% Ökostrom und spart Energie mit LED Lampen und weiteren Reduktionsmaßnahmen.
Global Changer arbeitet papierlos und nutzt wenn dann nur Recycling Papier.

All digital

In addition to our online work, we maintain a paperless office. We avoid printing, communicate via Slack, and store our documents digitally in the cloud. If physical mailings are necessary, we use recycled envelopes made from old maps or repurposed boxes.

Software instead of flip chart

In product development Figma and Miro (boards) are our go to software. Even though Miro boards are a great tool for digital collaboration, we have to admit we haven’t yet found a worthy substitute for post-its. What we do use for the collection of our ideas are re-writable foil posters and we use the back of scrap paper as scratch paper.

Die Software Climate Control Center von Global Changer hilft bei der Reduktion von CO2.
Global Changer nutzt öffentliche Verkehrsmittel, Fahrräder, Lastenräder, Car Sharing und Bahn.

Sustainable Fleet

The whole team, including the management only uses public transport, bikes, cargo bikes and car sharing. We don’t own any company vehicles but have “Bahn Cards” to get around. We also like to support startups like Avocargo by using their cargo bikes frequently to transport furniture, to do our shopping or to drive all our stuff to a team event in the park.

Vintage and upcycling

Our office is solely equiped with second hand or upcycled furniture and we try our best to prevent buying new electronic products and use ours for as long as possible.

Büromöbel können zweite Hand erworben werden und sparen so Ressourcen und CO2 Emissionen.
Global Changer recycelt und trennt Müll, spart Wasser und vermeidet unnötige Verpackungen.

Proper clean

Recycling, separation of waste and conscious avoidance of packaging is self-evident for us as well as saving water with according devices. Our laundry is being washed with the eco programme, we only use eco-friendly detergent and our cleaning products are from Ecover, Frosch and Blaue Helden. In our bathroom we use the awesome Goldeimer toilet paper from Viva con Agua and upackaged soap made from natural materials.

Regional and fair

Our coffee comes from the small roasting house Friedl close by (our favorite is Dark Blend). Cravings for chocolate and nuts are satisfied by Bon Vodoo and the in between refreshing fruits are regional and from the organic supermarket.

Global Changer unterstützt lokale Anbieter, Manufakturen und Lebensmittelhersteller.
Second Hand, Flohmarkt, Trödel, Tauschbörsen und Reperaturzentren sind wichtige Bausteine der grünen Transformation.

More is always possible

Joint efforts always pay off. Sharing is caring… so we try to share wherever possible. Our beloved internal exchange is complemented by a bookshelf where everyone can offer their favourite books preferably related to sustainability, social topics, economy, ecology and so on. We also save plants from the garbage and give them a new home which in return beautifies our office and improves our air.

Clear, cold drinking water on site

We had our tab water tested and got reasured that it has top quality. So we are saving packaging and don’t need to carry any water bottles. If we do want it sparkly we spice it up with our Sodastream.

Leitungswasser in Deutschland ist bedenkenlos als Trinkwasser verwendbar, schont Ressourcen und ist günstiger als Flaschenwasser.
Pflanzliche Getränke wie Hafermilch oder Sojamilch sind vegan und sehr viel klimafreundlicher als Kuhmilch.

Dare dairy alternatives

Plant-based milk substitutes are the real deal for us! To avoid more packaging we went even further and now use the oat milk powder from Blue Farm. This way we save at least 10 packages per week and the froth is just barista like!

Organic-certified groceries

We aim that all our groceries are regional and bought in organic supermarkets. Actually we can’t really get around it because it seems like our office is right in the epicentre of organic supermarkets with Bio Company, Kutzner und Kutzner, Denns, Veganz and many more. From time to time someone even makes it all the way to Sir Plus but so far this is quite the ride…

Global Changer versorgt seine Mitarbeitenden mit regionalen und saisonalen Bio Lebensmitteln.
Global Changer lebt eine respektvolle, diverse und offene Unternehmenskultur und Kommunikation.

Nurturing an inclusive community

Our company culture and communication is based on respect, diversity and openness. We value a sense of community, avoid unnecessary hierarchies and work together in an office area with flexible work spaces. In the future we plan on following more and more the economy of common goods matrix.

No "Must"

We work remotely whenever we want and try to conduct the mayority of our meetings with clients digitally as well to avoid business trips. If a trip to a client is necessary we use the train and public transport. We also prioritise to stay in hotels that aspire to be green and have sustainability certificates.

Remote arbeiten kann CO2 einsparen, durch kürzere Arbeitswege.

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