Release sprint 57

We just released the fruits of sprint 57 to production. This includes:

  • Footprint: We have introduced separate calculations for biogenic emissions. This means that if you utilize a biogenic energy source, it is now accounted for three times: 1. As biogenic, outside the normal footprint. 2. As part of Well-to-tank (scope 3.3). 3. As residual emissions in scope 1 and 2.
  • Menu: To enhance clarity, we have reorganized the menu structure by relocating Roadmap and Insights inside Reduction. This adjustment provides a more logical separation of modules, particularly for customers utilizing both features.
  • Multi-mandate: We have enabled companies to create their own companies or organizational units within their hierarchy. In addition, we offer the option to isolate child companies completely, providing multi-mandate capabilities. This feature is particularly beneficial for consultancies seeking to manage their clients effectively.
  • UI: We now display tons of CO2e with only two decimal digits instead of three, improving readability and making it easier for users to distinguish between decimals and thousand separators.
  • Bug Fix: When replacing a document, the upload date is now correctly updated, ensuring accurate document management.
  • Bug Fix: We have resolved an issue where clicking on an Action within Action Management while visiting a child company would redirect to the Dashboard instead of opening the Action. This issue has been fixed.