All in one platform: Automatic scope 1-3 carbon accounting and centralized emission management

Benefit from: Carbon accounting with one click, scope view, tailored reduction paths, automated calculations, economically viable decision-making, time savings and transparent and ESRS-compliant reporting.

Decarbonization 2.0: Automated, audit-compliant, and cost-effective

Calculate and manage your Scope 3 emissions faster. All the key features you need to fulfill your legal obligations and work towards Net-Zero.

Automating your processes

  • Instant generation of a carbon footprint of Scopes 1 and 2 with one click (including Scope 3.3 Well-to-Tank).
  • Scope 3.1: Automatic AI mapping of emission factors without preliminary work required – the ERP export is sufficient.
  • Generation of an SBTi-compliant reduction path across all locations.

Designed for complex organizations

  • Realistic rights management and precise modeling of the organization with subsidiaries, locations, plants and departments.
  • Smooth project management and automatic reminder mechanisms.
  • Simplified monitoring of target achievement: Setting individual goals and carbon footprint per organizational unit.

Audit compliance in accordance with CSRD and ISO 50001

  • Audit security through activity logs, approval processes and regulatory references up-to date.
  • Accelerating ISO 50001 audits thanks to EN 17463 (VALERI) calculator and documentation of action lists.
  • Transparent specification of emission databases for a traceable database processing.

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Innovative Scope 3 Mapping with Artificial Intelligence

Automatic assignment of suitable emission factors for tens of thousands of data points.

Structured data collection

  • Direct processing of your data exports or input masks for each emission source.
  • Workflow functions: Automated reminders, deadlines, and plausibility checks.
  • Automatic detection of your emission data and missing data points.

Transparent data evaluation

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  • Maximum transparency and traceability: All emission factors used are fully visible.
  • Iterative data quality improvement together with technical experts.
  • Support for all calculation methods and fast hot-spot analyses.

Automatic AI data mapping

  • Automatic assignment of appropriate emission factors through AI-based mapping of your procurement data.
  • Reliable mapping to trusted emission factor databases such as DEFRA or ecoinvent for accurate results.
  • Fully automated Scope 3.1 calculation for maximum efficiency.

Audit trail according to CSRD

  • Changelog for tracking changes and verifying data points for smooth audits.
  • Filter functions by predefined variables for user-friendly operation.
  • Better traceability: Use the audit trail for internal and external audits.

Achieve the highest level of automatization and audit security!

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Stay compliant: Ensure your carbon accounting and transformation plan meet CSRD requirements.

Underline your credibility through responsible action. Meet the current ESG requirements and always be up-to date! We help you transform your comprehensive emissions data from Scopes 1-3 into a holistic sustainability strategy.

CAPEX calculation: the easy way

Do you prefer numbers, data and facts?

The VALERI calculator, according to DIN EN 17463, enables the evaluation of energy efficiency measures based on financial and ecological factors for a data-based approach to decision-making.

Holistic reduction path for ESRS E1

Planning your reduction strategy?

Keep an eye on all scopes according to the GHG Protocol. Set SBTi-compliant targets. Have your individual roadmap with a reduction path drawn up.

Multiple territories

Actions for scope 1-3 emissions

How do you reduce your CO2e emissions?

Discover over 270 proven best practice measures for reducing your Scope 1-3 emissions. Have actions customized and seamlessly integrated into your roadmap.

Seamless collaboration

Including the latest regulatory updates!

Is your emissions management up-to date?

Regulatory updates for footprint documentation, CAPEX/OPEX planning for ESRS, and for ISO 50001.

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