Celebrate our latest software update of sprint 53 on production as we unveil a cutting-edge footprint module, a revamped menu for enhanced accessibility, improved VALERI calculator data entry, optimized screen space in Insights, and bug fixes that add to the festive joy of seamless user experience!

  • Footprint: We did the first steps on our footprint module that allows companies to calculate their corporate carbon footprint (CCF) inside the platform. So far the feature has to be enabled by us on customer request. This firs iteration mainly focuses on Scope 1 and 2 but also allows entering pre-processed data for other scopes. For that purpose, customers can upload three different Excel templates (Energy, Refrigerants, Generic). The Excel files are then processed and the CCF if immediately shown. Emission factors are automatically matched. These come from different public available emission factor sets. The final CCF if rendered in a table.
  • Menu: We started to re-work our menu by first putting all submenus into the main menu. This has the advantage to show at first sight what options are available. We also simplified the settings by moving the password and language select into the My Account page. This also allowed us to remove the footer from our application.
  • VALERI: We improved the data entry for the VALERI calculator in two ways. First we made Capex and Opex always negative immediately at the input field and also converted all entries in the database. This gives a consistent experience for all costs. Second we removed the delay and the lost of keybord input focus after a value was entered. This allows for much quicker data entry, especially when using tab to move between controls.
  • Insights: We optimized the screenspace of the insights view by mainly reducing the margins everywhere. This allows to show show more information on screen, around 50% vertical and 25% horizontal.
  • Bug-fix: We fixed two places where a tooltip could be shown in front of select dropdown and made it impossible to click a entry.
  • Bug-fix: We fixed a bug that prevented admins from a holding with write access to a subsidiary to delete actions in a subsidiary.

:rotating_light: Whoop! Whoop! Release alert! We’ve just deployed Sprint 51 to production! We listened to our users and brought the following into existence:

  • Assessment: We have eliminated the save button from the Assessment Carbon Footprint section, opting to save entered values directly. This adjustment aligns this aspect with the consistent behavior found elsewhere in the software.
  • Insights: The Tags column is now sortable, enhancing the flexibility and usability of the Insights feature.
  • Settings: We have simplified the settings interface and removed unused settings for a more streamlined and intuitive user experience.
  • VALERI: Savings are now, by default, supported in EUR, providing a more standardized and user-friendly experience.
  • Bug Fix: We have resolved an issue that prevented the saving of insights columns, ensuring that column preferences are now accurately preserved.
  • Bug Fix: We have addressed an issue that caused calculation data with entered zeros not to appear in the CO2e calculator. This fix ensures that all relevant data is properly reflected in the calculator for accurate calculations.

We just deployed sprint 50 to production. This time it’s a bit less than usual as we had to fight some technical issues and some holidays. Nevertheless a small step in the right direction:

  • Insights: We have introduced new columns for Country and Net Present Value (NPV) within the Insights feature. In addition, we have standardized the column headers, utilizing abbreviations when available to conserve screen space while maintaining clarity and consistency.
  • Technical: We have laid the groundwork for the addition of new modules to the Climate Control Center (CCC). To facilitate this, we have introduced the concept of “features” that allows us to selectively enable or disable specific functionality for different CCCs. While these changes may not be immediately visible, they represent a preparatory step for forthcoming features and enhancements in the system.

  • Documents: We have introduced the capability to upload documents to actions, allowing you to attach various files such as invoices, pictures of installed measures, and documents in formats like Office files (Excel, PowerPoint), images, and PDFs. These documents are securely stored in our datacenter in Frankfurt and can only be accessed via a short-lived link generated through our platform. This ensures that even if someone has the link, they won’t be able to download the file, guaranteeing the security of your documents. Additionally, we have implemented a 30-day grace period for disaster recovery, meaning we can restore files within this timeframe, even if they have been accidentally deleted.
  • Account: We have added a “My Account” bubble located in the top right corner of the screen. This menu provides quick access to your settings and now includes a sign-out button for added convenience.
  • Action: We have streamlined the design of subtasks to reduce visual clutter, resulting in a cleaner and more user-friendly appearance.
  • Calculators: We have implemented a back button when visiting the settings from the CO2e or VALERI calculators. This makes navigation between settings and calculators more intuitive and user-friendly.
  • Calculation Data: We have enhanced the precision of certain currency fields that serve as exchange rates, ensuring that these fields now display up to three decimal places, providing more accurate and detailed information.

We are delighted to unveil the fruits of our unwavering teamwork and dedication in Sprint 48, as we usher in a breathtaking new era in production. This remarkable achievement encompasses:

  • Action: We have completely redesigned the action detail page. As part of this update, we have removed the dedicated edit mode. Now, all properties can be edited directly in place. Additionally, you can set the action’s state without the need to click on specific transitions. These changes represent a significant usability improvement when working with actions.
  • Action: We have enhanced the action duplication process. Now, when you duplicate an action, it also duplicates tags, CO2e calculations, and VALERI calculations, ensuring a more comprehensive replication of the action.
  • Dashboard: We have introduced a year chooser in the on-track table, allowing you to assess progress in different years. This feature provides greater flexibility in tracking and comparing data across different timeframes.
  • UI: We have added a home button to the page header. This addition simplifies navigation, particularly since the introduction of the company chooser. It now takes just one click to return to the home screen, streamlining the user experience.
  • VALERI: We have reordered the VALERI calculator output fields to match the same order as the budgeting fields on the action detail page. This adjustment ensures consistency and coherence in data presentation.
  • Database: We have removed the “why” field from all actions as it was essentially a duplicated, shorter version of the description. This change eliminates redundancy in data entry.
  • Bug Fix: We have fixed an issue that caused the roadmap toggles “My actions” and “Quickwins” to not reset the view when switching back. This correction ensures that the view resets as expected when switching between different options.

HEUREKA! It’s alive, the VALERI – We just deployed sprint 47 to production :fire::boom::rocket::astronaut::

  • VALERI: We are excited to introduce the VALERI calculator, now available on every action, allowing users to calculate key financial metrics such as NPV, IRR, CapEx, OpEx, ROI, Payback Period, Lifetime, and Savings per year. This calculator serves as the cornerstone of DIN EN 17463 compliance, enabling the evaluation of energy-related investments, including reduction measures. It utilizes data from the assessment, specifically the discount rate and emission sources. To facilitate this, emission sources now include information on cost per unit and a percentage-based yearly price increase (inflation).
  • Dashboard: We have enhanced the company emission comparison chart by displaying data for a specific year. This improvement provides clarity regarding which subsidiaries have reported emissions and which are yet to do so.
  • Dashboard: We have introduced new columns in the on-track table, including Gap to annual target, planned, and achieved values. This addition offers more comprehensive insights into the progress of various initiatives.
  • UI: We have standardized the height of all our controls to 40 pixels, providing a consistent and streamlined appearance. Additionally, we have increased the size of our scroll bars, making them more accessible for mouse users.
  • Bug-Fix: We have resolved an issue where, in cases where there were no emissions in a scope, the action management section did not display the number of actions in a category. This issue has been fixed, ensuring accurate reporting of actions in all scenarios.
  • Bug Fix: We have resolved a bug that was previously preventing users from switching between months in the date picker/calendar. You can now easily select dates from different months, restoring full functionality to this feature.
  • UI: We have optimized screen space utilization by reducing the gap at the top of the page. This enhancement allows for a more efficient use of available screen real estate, providing users with a better overall viewing experience.

We just deployed sprint 46 to production. This includes:

  • VALERI: We’ve invested significant effort in preparing for the upcoming release of our VALERI calculator, which will be available soon. This represents a substantial step forward in our software’s capabilities.
  • Dashboard: We have streamlined the user interface by hiding the company filter when a company has no subsidiaries. This enhancement simplifies the dashboard for users with straightforward organizational structures.
  • Common: To improve clarity and consistency, we have renamed ‘actions’ to ‘roadmap’ across the platform. This adjustment aligns with standard terminology and makes navigation more intuitive.
  • Bug Fix: We have addressed an embarrassing typo in our CO2 calculator, ensuring accuracy and professionalism in our calculations.
  • Bug Fix: We have resolved a bug that previously prevented holding administrators from making edits in subsidiary settings and their own accounts. This fix restores full functionality and administrative control.
  • Bug Fix: We have fixed a bug that incorrectly displayed the estimation button on an action as active even when it wasn’t. This correction ensures that users can accurately assess the status of their actions.
  • Bug Fix: We have resolved an issue that previously allowed the setting of start and end dates for inactive actions. This fix ensures that only active actions can have their dates modified, enhancing accuracy and consistency in action management.
  • Bug Fix: We have fixed a bug that occasionally prevented the page from properly reloading when switching between different companies. This correction ensures a smoother and more reliable user experience when navigating between company profiles.

Changers :earth_asia:! We just deployed sprint 45 to production :rocket:. I’m especially proud of the achievements for holding admin :muscle:. All in all this includes:

  • Roles & Rights: We have introduced a company switcher at the top left corner of the page. This switcher enables holding administrators to swiftly navigate to Climate Control Centers (CCCs) of subsidiaries. All limitations on visiting a subsidiary have been removed, making all views accessible, including assessments and settings.
  • Roles & Rights: The team settings of a subsidiary now include a section listing users from the holding. This makes it possible for people from an subsidiary to see who has access to their CCC.
  • Roles & Rights: Users can now mention individuals from the holding within an action’s notes or comments while working within a subsidiary.
  • Roles & Rights: Upon request, we can modify access rights to grant holding administrators full write access to the visited subsidiaries.
  • CO2e Calculator: We have integrated a CO2e calculator for self-electricity generation (model 3). This model, similar to model 1, includes the ability to specify the share of self-consumption in addition to other parameters. You can find a video on how to use the CO2e calculator below
  • Action: We have enhanced action management by enabling the editing of the done-date for an action. This edit can be performed even if the action was not started before. In such cases, the action will be simultaneously initiated and marked as done. Additionally, we prevent the done-date from being set before the start date.
  • Dashboard: Tooltips have been added to the reduction graph legend in the dashboard. These tooltips offer detailed explanations on how specific values are calculated within the graph.
  • Assessment: In anticipation of an upcoming feature, we have included the capability to define a discount rate in the calculation data section. This discount rate will serve as a default value for Net Present Value (NPV) calculations in the future.
  • Bug Fix: The dashboard now displays the reduction graph even if the user’s holding lacks carbon accounting. This adjustment allows the graph to be viewed for subsidiaries even when carbon accounting isn’t applied to the holding itself.

Changers! We just deployed sprint 44 to production :rocket:. This includes:

  • Dashboard: We have streamlined the dashboard experience, consolidating it from three to a single view. This unified dashboard now exclusively focuses on CO2e-related metrics. It includes essential components such as the action tracker, the on-track comparison table, the reduction path graph, and the holding emission comparison chart.
  • CO2-Calculator: Actions now feature an innovative CO2e calculator. This calculator provides the capability to estimate saved CO2e emissions for actions. Currently, the calculator offers two models: Efficiency and Substitution. To utilize the calculator, users must initially input emission sources within the assessment module.
  • Action: We have introduced the ability to modify the start date of actions. When altering the start date of an action that has not yet commenced, the system will automatically mark the action as started.
  • Bug Fix: We have resolved a bug that occasionally caused the filter menu in the Insights view to appear behind other views. This issue, often encountered on smaller screens, has been rectified to ensure a seamless user experience.
  • Bug Fix: We have addressed a bug that previously hindered the establishment of parent-child relations between companies in the admin panel. This resolution enables the reconfiguration of holding structures within the admin panel, enhancing administrative capabilities.

We just deployed to production our of line due to holiday season:

  • Dashboard: The Action Tracker on the dashboard now includes subtasks that have a due date or are assigned to somebody, providing a comprehensive overview of all actionable items and their respective deadlines.
  • Dashboard: The reduction path graph now clearly marks the base year, making it easier for users to identify the starting point for their emissions reduction journey.
  • Action: Estimated emission savings are now rounded to avoid giving a misleading impression of precision. This improvement ensures that users have a clearer understanding of the level of accuracy in the presented data.
  • Insights: The filter controls have been resized to allow for more space, enhancing usability and making it easier for users to interact with the filters.
  • Bug Fix: We have fixed a bug that caused actions to jump back and forth when moving them on the roadmap. The issue has been resolved, ensuring a smooth and consistent experience when organizing actions.
  • Design: We have reduced the default font size from 16 to 14 pixels and also redesigned our menu. This change allows for more information to be displayed on the screen, optimizing the use of available space. We also removed the four fun-fact tiles.
  • Action: We have added a new input field for Net Present Value in the budgeting section of an action. This enhancement enables users to include this important financial metric in their action planning and analysis.
  • Insights: Due-date is available as column in Insights table.
  • Bug-fix: When clicking month or year spinner in date-date chooser, the action details opened. This behavior is now fixed and instead the month and year switch.