Release Sprint 66

  • Reduction: The Reduction Path Graph on the dashboard has been upgraded. Grey bars now represent the emission forecast, calculated as previous year’s emissions minus current year’s Savings CO2e.
  • Footprint: Purchased electricity is now categorized as Conventional, Renewable, or Nuclear to comply with CSRD and provide more detailed results. These categories can be found under: Electricity Purchased Conventional, Electricity Purchased Renewable, and Electricity Purchased Nuclear.
  • Footprint: The purchase Excel template now includes a column to indicate if a purchase is a capital good, distinguishing between 3.1 and 3.2 purchases. If “Yes” is selected, the activity is logged as 3.2; otherwise, it is logged as 3.1 or other subscopes.
  • Footprint: Proof uploads for individual data points are now logged in the Audit Trail.
  • Footprint: Users will now receive a confirmation modal when changing the frequency of a single data point, as this action deletes previously entered data and uploaded proofs.
  • Bug Fix: The issue of missing translations in the processing column for large file uploads has been resolved. The loading symbol is now displayed correctly.