Release Sprint 58 Part 2

We just deployed the second part of Sprint 58 to production including:

  • Footprint: Now, when entering data points, users have the flexibility to specify units other than kWh. If an alternative unit is selected, the conversion path is displayed via an info icon, adhering to CDP rules that convert from volume to mass to energy to emissions.
  • Footprint: Users can now input custom emission factors, including well-to-tank, biogenic, and location-based factors, providing enhanced flexibility and accuracy in data entry.
  • Footprint: It is now possible to assign a person to a data point, with the designated individual receiving email notifications containing a direct link to the data point for improved collaboration and communication.
  • Bug Fix: We have resolved a bug that previously prevented the input of a footprint data point from accepting zero or being left empty, ensuring smoother data entry processes.
  • Bug Fix: Another bug has been fixed, addressing an error that occurred when attempting to delete a user who was still assigned to a footprint document or data point.
  • Bug Fix: We have fixed an issue where footprint activities were not immediately updated after making edits to a data point or changes to an uploaded Excel file, eliminating the need for a manual reload to see the updates.
  • Database: Over the weekend, we performed an upgrade on our production database, resulting in a 15-minute downtime on Saturday to ensure optimal performance and reliability.
  • FAQ: Our FAQs within the software have been replaced with a publicly visible Notion page, where we have transferred our existing FAQs and plan to expand with additional content, including common use-cases and technical documentation. This new platform offers easy editing capabilities and supports various media types for enhanced user experience and accessibility.