Release Sprint 60 Part 1

We just released part one of sprint 60 to production including:

  • Footprint: Users can now export booked activities by utilizing the newly added export button in the activity view. The activities are exported as Excel .XLSX files, enabling seamless data retrieval.
  • Bug Fix: Addressed an issue where creating an organizational unit resulted in the company name in settings appearing empty. This has been rectified, and the name is now correctly displayed.
  • Footprint: Updated our emission factor database, with a particular focus on refrigerants and electricity data, ensuring enhanced accuracy and relevance. Now values based on the IPCC AR6 are available. Before values where based on IPCC AR4/AR5. New name convention for the refrigerants based on the ASHRAE Codes for refrigerants. Additional refrigerants have been added. Advantages: Data is more actual, More uniform name convention, Values based on more known sources, Half-automatic calculation sheet for future GWP updates.