Release Sprint 55

  • Footprint: We have introduced support for scope 3.3 emissions, which means that all energy-related emissions are now doubly accounted for—once for their initial scope and once for well-to-tank in 3.3. Additionally, we have enriched our emission factor database with corresponding factors.
  • Footprint: Users can now view emissions of energy in kilowatt-hours (kWh), providing a more detailed and informative perspective on energy-related environmental impact.
  • Footprint: Holders now have the capability to showcase the aggregated footprint of both the holding itself and all its subsidiaries, offering a comprehensive overview of environmental impact.
  • Footprint: We have incorporated the ability to directly replace an Excel file during the upload session, streamlining the data collection process for enhanced efficiency.
  • Bug Fix: We have rectified a minor UI glitch where location titles were not truncated, potentially causing overlap with other UI elements.