Release Sprint 52

Celebrate our latest software update of sprint 53 on production as we unveil a cutting-edge footprint module, a revamped menu for enhanced accessibility, improved VALERI calculator data entry, optimized screen space in Insights, and bug fixes that add to the festive joy of seamless user experience!

  • Footprint: We did the first steps on our footprint module that allows companies to calculate their corporate carbon footprint (CCF) inside the platform. So far the feature has to be enabled by us on customer request. This firs iteration mainly focuses on Scope 1 and 2 but also allows entering pre-processed data for other scopes. For that purpose, customers can upload three different Excel templates (Energy, Refrigerants, Generic). The Excel files are then processed and the CCF if immediately shown. Emission factors are automatically matched. These come from different public available emission factor sets. The final CCF if rendered in a table.
  • Menu: We started to re-work our menu by first putting all submenus into the main menu. This has the advantage to show at first sight what options are available. We also simplified the settings by moving the password and language select into the My Account page. This also allowed us to remove the footer from our application.
  • VALERI: We improved the data entry for the VALERI calculator in two ways. First we made Capex and Opex always negative immediately at the input field and also converted all entries in the database. This gives a consistent experience for all costs. Second we removed the delay and the lost of keybord input focus after a value was entered. This allows for much quicker data entry, especially when using tab to move between controls.
  • Insights: We optimized the screenspace of the insights view by mainly reducing the margins everywhere. This allows to show show more information on screen, around 50% vertical and 25% horizontal.
  • Bug-fix: We fixed two places where a tooltip could be shown in front of select dropdown and made it impossible to click a entry.
  • Bug-fix: We fixed a bug that prevented admins from a holding with write access to a subsidiary to delete actions in a subsidiary.