Release Sprint 51

:rotating_light: Whoop! Whoop! Release alert! We’ve just deployed Sprint 51 to production! We listened to our users and brought the following into existence:

  • Assessment: We have eliminated the save button from the Assessment Carbon Footprint section, opting to save entered values directly. This adjustment aligns this aspect with the consistent behavior found elsewhere in the software.
  • Insights: The Tags column is now sortable, enhancing the flexibility and usability of the Insights feature.
  • Settings: We have simplified the settings interface and removed unused settings for a more streamlined and intuitive user experience.
  • VALERI: Savings are now, by default, supported in EUR, providing a more standardized and user-friendly experience.
  • Bug Fix: We have resolved an issue that prevented the saving of insights columns, ensuring that column preferences are now accurately preserved.
  • Bug Fix: We have addressed an issue that caused calculation data with entered zeros not to appear in the CO2e calculator. This fix ensures that all relevant data is properly reflected in the calculator for accurate calculations.