Release Sprint 48

We are delighted to unveil the fruits of our unwavering teamwork and dedication in Sprint 48, as we usher in a breathtaking new era in production. This remarkable achievement encompasses:

  • Action: We have completely redesigned the action detail page. As part of this update, we have removed the dedicated edit mode. Now, all properties can be edited directly in place. Additionally, you can set the action’s state without the need to click on specific transitions. These changes represent a significant usability improvement when working with actions.
  • Action: We have enhanced the action duplication process. Now, when you duplicate an action, it also duplicates tags, CO2e calculations, and VALERI calculations, ensuring a more comprehensive replication of the action.
  • Dashboard: We have introduced a year chooser in the on-track table, allowing you to assess progress in different years. This feature provides greater flexibility in tracking and comparing data across different timeframes.
  • UI: We have added a home button to the page header. This addition simplifies navigation, particularly since the introduction of the company chooser. It now takes just one click to return to the home screen, streamlining the user experience.
  • VALERI: We have reordered the VALERI calculator output fields to match the same order as the budgeting fields on the action detail page. This adjustment ensures consistency and coherence in data presentation.
  • Database: We have removed the “why” field from all actions as it was essentially a duplicated, shorter version of the description. This change eliminates redundancy in data entry.
  • Bug Fix: We have fixed an issue that caused the roadmap toggles “My actions” and “Quickwins” to not reset the view when switching back. This correction ensures that the view resets as expected when switching between different options.