Release Sprint 47

HEUREKA! It’s alive, the VALERI – We just deployed sprint 47 to production :fire::boom::rocket::astronaut::

  • VALERI: We are excited to introduce the VALERI calculator, now available on every action, allowing users to calculate key financial metrics such as NPV, IRR, CapEx, OpEx, ROI, Payback Period, Lifetime, and Savings per year. This calculator serves as the cornerstone of DIN EN 17463 compliance, enabling the evaluation of energy-related investments, including reduction measures. It utilizes data from the assessment, specifically the discount rate and emission sources. To facilitate this, emission sources now include information on cost per unit and a percentage-based yearly price increase (inflation).
  • Dashboard: We have enhanced the company emission comparison chart by displaying data for a specific year. This improvement provides clarity regarding which subsidiaries have reported emissions and which are yet to do so.
  • Dashboard: We have introduced new columns in the on-track table, including Gap to annual target, planned, and achieved values. This addition offers more comprehensive insights into the progress of various initiatives.
  • UI: We have standardized the height of all our controls to 40 pixels, providing a consistent and streamlined appearance. Additionally, we have increased the size of our scroll bars, making them more accessible for mouse users.
  • Bug-Fix: We have resolved an issue where, in cases where there were no emissions in a scope, the action management section did not display the number of actions in a category. This issue has been fixed, ensuring accurate reporting of actions in all scenarios.
  • Bug Fix: We have resolved a bug that was previously preventing users from switching between months in the date picker/calendar. You can now easily select dates from different months, restoring full functionality to this feature.
  • UI: We have optimized screen space utilization by reducing the gap at the top of the page. This enhancement allows for a more efficient use of available screen real estate, providing users with a better overall viewing experience.