Release Sprint 46

We just deployed sprint 46 to production. This includes:

  • VALERI: We’ve invested significant effort in preparing for the upcoming release of our VALERI calculator, which will be available soon. This represents a substantial step forward in our software’s capabilities.
  • Dashboard: We have streamlined the user interface by hiding the company filter when a company has no subsidiaries. This enhancement simplifies the dashboard for users with straightforward organizational structures.
  • Common: To improve clarity and consistency, we have renamed ‘actions’ to ‘roadmap’ across the platform. This adjustment aligns with standard terminology and makes navigation more intuitive.
  • Bug Fix: We have addressed an embarrassing typo in our CO2 calculator, ensuring accuracy and professionalism in our calculations.
  • Bug Fix: We have resolved a bug that previously prevented holding administrators from making edits in subsidiary settings and their own accounts. This fix restores full functionality and administrative control.
  • Bug Fix: We have fixed a bug that incorrectly displayed the estimation button on an action as active even when it wasn’t. This correction ensures that users can accurately assess the status of their actions.
  • Bug Fix: We have resolved an issue that previously allowed the setting of start and end dates for inactive actions. This fix ensures that only active actions can have their dates modified, enhancing accuracy and consistency in action management.
  • Bug Fix: We have fixed a bug that occasionally prevented the page from properly reloading when switching between different companies. This correction ensures a smoother and more reliable user experience when navigating between company profiles.