Release Sprint 45

Changers :earth_asia:! We just deployed sprint 45 to production :rocket:. I’m especially proud of the achievements for holding admin :muscle:. All in all this includes:

  • Roles & Rights: We have introduced a company switcher at the top left corner of the page. This switcher enables holding administrators to swiftly navigate to Climate Control Centers (CCCs) of subsidiaries. All limitations on visiting a subsidiary have been removed, making all views accessible, including assessments and settings.
  • Roles & Rights: The team settings of a subsidiary now include a section listing users from the holding. This makes it possible for people from an subsidiary to see who has access to their CCC.
  • Roles & Rights: Users can now mention individuals from the holding within an action’s notes or comments while working within a subsidiary.
  • Roles & Rights: Upon request, we can modify access rights to grant holding administrators full write access to the visited subsidiaries.
  • CO2e Calculator: We have integrated a CO2e calculator for self-electricity generation (model 3). This model, similar to model 1, includes the ability to specify the share of self-consumption in addition to other parameters. You can find a video on how to use the CO2e calculator below
  • Action: We have enhanced action management by enabling the editing of the done-date for an action. This edit can be performed even if the action was not started before. In such cases, the action will be simultaneously initiated and marked as done. Additionally, we prevent the done-date from being set before the start date.
  • Dashboard: Tooltips have been added to the reduction graph legend in the dashboard. These tooltips offer detailed explanations on how specific values are calculated within the graph.
  • Assessment: In anticipation of an upcoming feature, we have included the capability to define a discount rate in the calculation data section. This discount rate will serve as a default value for Net Present Value (NPV) calculations in the future.
  • Bug Fix: The dashboard now displays the reduction graph even if the user’s holding lacks carbon accounting. This adjustment allows the graph to be viewed for subsidiaries even when carbon accounting isn’t applied to the holding itself.