Release Sprint 44

Changers! We just deployed sprint 44 to production :rocket:. This includes:

  • Dashboard: We have streamlined the dashboard experience, consolidating it from three to a single view. This unified dashboard now exclusively focuses on CO2e-related metrics. It includes essential components such as the action tracker, the on-track comparison table, the reduction path graph, and the holding emission comparison chart.
  • CO2-Calculator: Actions now feature an innovative CO2e calculator. This calculator provides the capability to estimate saved CO2e emissions for actions. Currently, the calculator offers two models: Efficiency and Substitution. To utilize the calculator, users must initially input emission sources within the assessment module.
  • Action: We have introduced the ability to modify the start date of actions. When altering the start date of an action that has not yet commenced, the system will automatically mark the action as started.
  • Bug Fix: We have resolved a bug that occasionally caused the filter menu in the Insights view to appear behind other views. This issue, often encountered on smaller screens, has been rectified to ensure a seamless user experience.
  • Bug Fix: We have addressed a bug that previously hindered the establishment of parent-child relations between companies in the admin panel. This resolution enables the reconfiguration of holding structures within the admin panel, enhancing administrative capabilities.