Release Sprint 42

We just released Sprint 42 to production. This includes:

  • Dashboard: The “On track” table on the dashboard now correctly sorts the listed companies, placing the user’s own company at the top. This improvement ensures a more intuitive and personalized view of company performance.
  • Roadmap: Action tiles on the roadmap now display and allow editing of the due date. This feature provides users with better control and visibility over their action timelines.
  • Roadmap: Saved emissions are now counted in the year of the due date, if available, or when the action is marked as done. This change ensures accurate tracking and reporting of emissions, aligning with the specific timeline of actions.
  • Action: Subtasks can now have a due date, enabling users to assign and manage deadlines for individual subtasks within an action. This enhancement enhances task management and improves overall efficiency.
  • Dashboard: We have introduced a new view called the “Action Tracker” on the dashboard. This view displays all actions and subtasks that are assigned to someone or have a due date. Additionally, we have added a filter to show only the user’s own actions. The actions are presented in a scrollable list, replacing the previous quarterly view. This new view provides a more comprehensive and user-centric approach to action tracking.
  • Dashboard: The reduction path graph on the dashboard now includes an average line that considers the total CO2e budget. This addition provides users with a visual reference point for assessing their progress against the overall emissions reduction target, enhancing strategic decision-making.