Our path to net-zero emissions

Büromöbel können zweite Hand erworben werden und sparen so Ressourcen und CO2 Emissionen.

CO2e-neutral since 2020​

Net-zero in 2025

"By 2025, we want to achieve net-zero status as a holding company, which includes not only offsetting but also removing CO2e emissions from the atmosphere. In order to also ambitiously make our contribution in the extremely tight global CO2e budget from the Paris Climate Agreement in the process, we need to cut 50 per cent of our emissions compared to 2019.
We will achieve this together!"

Christian Rube – Sustainability at Franz Haniel & Cie. GmbH


1,2 and 3


Private Equity



Enkelfähig Campus

Franz-Haniel-Platz / 29.732 sqm

CO2e emissions
in 2020 (lb)

2.099 t

CO2e emissions
in 2020 (mb)

1.769 t

CO2e emissions
in 2021 (lb)

1.536 t

CO2e emissions
in 2021 (mb)

1.287 t

Reduction 2021 (lb)

45% compared to base year (2019)

CO2e compensation
in 2021

1.600 t

CO2e compensation

 42% by carbon removal, 58% by offsetting

Removal Projects

Cellulose Fibre insulation from recycled paper
Carbon Farming: CO2 Capture and Storage via Regenerative Agriculture
Project Togo Reforesteration

Offsetting Projects

Solar Panels for Education and Quality of Life, Ethiopia

Access to Clean Water, Uganda

Wind Power Project in Maharashtra, India

Solar Energy, India plus additional regional commitment in Renewable Energies, Germany

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