Your action plan to
net-zero emissions

The CLIMATE CONTROL CENTER is your one-stop platform for everything regarding emissions. It brings all your data together in one place and helps you not only measure but more importantly reduce your emissions.


Our CLIMATE CONTROL CENTER web app was developed together with experts to accelerate your emissions reduction. It takes a holistic view of your business, including Scopes 1-3 of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol). The platform helps you organise and implement your CO2e reduction targets and identifies suitable measures to achieve your goals. 

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Alle CO2 Emissionen können mit dem Climate Control Center nach Scope 1, 2 und 3 angezeigt werden.

Individual transformation concept

Based on your current greenhouse gas balance, we provide you with measures in the Climate Control Center to successfully master your transformation – starting from the highest emissions in the various subscopes in line with the implementation options and your climate target. 

All actions at a glance

You can manage all relevant actions yourself via Action Management, add your own actions and view them on the roadmap according to a schedule. Additional sorting options such as scopes, categories and persons responsible simplify the overview and thus your work and that of your team. 

Climate Control Center by Global Changer bietet Maßnahmen um CO2 langfristig zu reduzieren.
Reduktionsmaßnahmen werden mit dem gesamten Team umgesetzt, über alle Standorte und Tochtergesellschaften hinweg.

Collaborative work in a team

Achieving more together is crucial, especially in green transformation. Share actions with your colleagues, assign actions to relevant locations and make notes and comments to keep the whole team informed. 

Step by step through the measures

We do not leave you on your own. We guide you through each action by means of subtasks and thus map the entire implementation process for you right from the start. This way, you and your team can track your progress and celebrate your successes at any time. 

Schritt für Schritt leitet die Software Climate Control Center durch den Umsetzungsprozess.
Mit der Software Climate Control Center managen Unternehmen den gesamten Prozess der Dekarbonisierung.

Analysis and evaluation of your progress

Speaking of celebrating! The dashboard always tells you your current status and that of your sites and subsidiaries. Each action takes you a step closer to net zero emissions and makes the overall status tangible for everyone in the company. Start your transformation process for a liveable future today. 

Learn the climate science

Become a climate expert with information selected by our advanced team and prepared in an easy-to-understand manner, tested tools and solutions, numerous practical examples from well-known companies and regular updates on the topic of climate crisis and climate protection. 

Global Changer vermittelt über das Lernportal Climate Action Hub alle wichtige Themen um die Klimakrise zu verstehen.

Accelerate your decarbonisation now​

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