Our path to net-zero emissions

Büromöbel können zweite Hand erworben werden und sparen so Ressourcen und CO2 Emissionen.

Net-zero through CO2 Removal
since 2020


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Scope 1,2 and 3

CO2e emissions in 2021

43,34 t

Yearly reduction

 4 %

Reduction mesurements

44 on the roadmap

CO2e compensation

 100% by carbon removal

Removal Projects

Manjarisoa Tropical Inland Reforestation:

The project will rehabilitate 152 hectares of the Manjarisoa tropical inland forest in Eastern Madagascar by planting over 125k trees from 6 fast-growing endemic species. The project helps stop an industrial fishing project in the area, and will reintroduce endangered lemurs to their native habitat.

Cellulose Fibre insulation from recycled paper:

Born and developed in Canada over 40 years ago, the Cellulose Fibre insulation is manufactured in France, in the heart of the Vendée region, from paper collected from local recycling channels and from community collections (schools, associations, etc.). Not only does it diminish the global waste volume, but it also allows to raise public awareness on the importance and interest of the circular economy. The Cellulose implements all available means towards a sustainable development and energy transition. One ton of its bio-based carbon net-negative cellulose fiber insulation (CFI) removes 1,04 tons of CO2eq from the atmosphere into long-term storage. This insulation is suitable for both new and refurbished buildings. Over 18 months, up to 31400 tons of CFI have been fitted and insures the proper insulation of 39 000 housings. This product offers CO2 storage within a durable building for at least 50 years. No heat is necessary to manufacture cellulose insulation, through its nearly zero waste production process. Finally, due to its excellent thermal performance, cellulose fibre insulation allows for significant energy savings throughout the year, an undeniable advantage for individuals and the environment.


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