The level of knowledge about the climate crisis and why companies need to take action is usually just as diverse as the employees themselves. The ENGAGE app helps accelerate knowledge transfer within the company and build a sense of community. This increases the understanding for action in the workforce and makes your efforts more uncomplicated and more successful.
Key benefits
• Accelerate knowledge transfer
• Create a sense of community
• Decrease effort for new measures
• Enhance employer branding
• Increase understanding

Achieve more together with a strong company community, motivate each other, share knowledge and enrich the community. The app is an emotional and interactive learning experience that helps you and your employees to understand CO2e emissions and their impact simply and playfully, record, analyse and reduce personal CO2e emissions and will be the daily companion regarding sustainability. The ENGAGE app is motivating, non-judgmental and comes with sustainable design: as little power consumption and computing power as possible.

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